Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Living Room Decor

Finally got our living room looking the way we want it! It's so great finally getting these ideas out of my head and up on the walls.

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My favorite part - the awesome shelf Matt MADE for me. I found directions for this shelf on Pinterest and asked him if he'd be willing to give it a go. Next thing I know, I have a lovely shelf and a happy hubby (because he got to use his toys again).

And check out my other fun Pinterest finds on here. Aren't they cute? Really adds to "our" shelf and were super easy to recreate in Photoshop. And I love my spiffy, dollar store candle holders and candles. They were perfect!

I love the Two Headed Monster/Killroy thing going on here. Obviously unplanned.

We both agreed that we wanted to wall-mount our TV, but my one request (with all electronics) was NO CORDS. I HATE CORDS. It makes me feel like I'm living in a dorm room. So, Matt found this great, paintable cord cover. Perfect!

Other various pictures and prints on the sides of the TV. I've never really made typography prints before. It was pretty fun! And I'm thrilled to finally get some more family pictures up on the walls!

Like my "metal" wall art? Check out the tutorial on this thing. My husband thought I was nuts.

A larger version is ready to go for our bedroom, too.

And on the opposite side of the room, we have "the baby wall". Aww. Isn't it sweet? The spacing sucks, but I did the best I could with wonky walls and noisy children nipping at my heels. Ironic.

I'm also expecting this (actual) metal wall art I ordered from Kohl's last week. It will be filling a space above our couch. No - I didn't spend THAT much. I got it for $12.36, shipped. Booyah.

I'm also waiting for fabric for valances. Should get those made and up this weekend.

It's so much fun decorating this place. I feel like I have all the freedom in the world to do whatever I want to it - it's great! I think I did okay, considering I know NOTHING about decorating. Can't wait for my folks to come and see it on the 31st! =D

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